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Rechtsgeschichte - Veröffentlichungen - Yaron


Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen

Yaron, Reuven

Drei Deuteronomische Gesetze

Dieser Aufsatz beschäftigt sich mit drei von einander unabhängige Gesetze: Die Schulden-Erlassvorschriften; zweitens, das Verfahren bezüglich der umstrittenen Braut: war sie — oder war sie nicht — virgo intacta gewesen; und, letztlich, das Levirat.

The laws of Eshnunna

Concerning the administration of the kingdom of Eshnunna, its system of courts and the procedure followed in them, the LE convey only very limited and fragmentary information. It may be said to consist only of some odds and ends, a word here, a phrase there, to be collected from all over the Material...

Sadducees and Pharisees

Two Controversies

The Sadducees (also known as Boethusians) and Pharisees were politico-religious groupings of the late Hasmonean state, in its prolonged decline, during the course of the last century BCE and the first century CE. Josephus tells us that "the Sadducees have the confidence of the wealthy alone, but no following among the populace, while the Pharisees have the support of the masses."1 In modern terminology, the Sadducees were an upper‑class, elitist minority, financially better off, more in contact with the outside world...