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Neuzeitliche Fragen - Familienrecht

Neuzeitliche Fragen


Family Law

"Expelling and Suspending Students: An American and Jewish Legal Perspective [PDF]"
Daniel Pollack and David Schnall
Originally published in New England Journal of International and Comparative Law, Volume 9, Issue 2. (2003)

Jewish Marriage and Ontario Law
Gene C. Colman, Rabbi Joseph M. Posen

"DOMESTIC RELATIONS LAW 236B: A Study in Communications Breakdown"
Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz

"The Establishment of Maternity & Paternity in Jewish and American Law"
Michael Broyde, Esq.

"Child Custody: A Pure Law Analysis"
Michael Broyde, Esq.
Jewish Law Association Studies, VII: The Paris Conference Volume 1-20 (1994)

"Divorce Mediation: Gentle Alternative to a Bitter Process"
Rabbi Adam Berner
Jewish Action, a magazine of the Orthodox Union, Summer 1997


"Getting a Gett in Australian Courts"
Andrew Strum

"Jewish Divorce and the Role of Beit Din"
by Rabbi Jonathan Reiss

"The Ketubah in America"
by Rabbi Michael Broyde and Rabbi Jonathan Reiss
Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (2004) 47:101-124

Error in the Creation of Jewish Marriages: Under what Circumstances Can Error in the Creation of a Marriage Void the Marriage without Requiring a Get according to Halacha
Michael J. Broyde

"A Legal Guide to the Prenuptial Agreement for Couples about to Be Married"
Marc D. Stern
Note: Please see the Halachic Forms section for the prenuptial agreement referenced in this article.

"A Suggested Antenuptial Agreement: A Proposal in Wake of Avitzur"
Rabbi J. David Bleich
Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Vol. VII

"The New York State Get Bill and its Halachic Ramifications"
Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz
Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Vol. XXVII

"The New York Get Law: An Exchange"
Rabbi Chaim Z. Malinowitz
Tradition Magazine (Summer 1997)

"The New York Get Law: An Exchange"
Michael J. Broyde
Tradition Magazine (Summer 1997)

"Comments on the New York State 'Get Law'"
Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz
Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Vol. XXVII